Preparing your Quilt

Please make sure you give your quilt a final once over - you may need to give your top a 'haircut' - snipping loose threads, checking for last minute snags or open seams.

Your quilt backing must be at lease 8-16 inches or larger than the top. 4-6 inches on each side is ideal. The long arm machine requires quite a bit of extra fabric to load properly on the long rollers.I need at least 4 inches on the length and 4 inches on the width to properly load the quilt onto the long arm machine. For example, if your top measures 80 x 100, please make the backing at least 84 x 104 - 88 x 108 would even be better! the bigger the better. The long arm requires extra fabric and batting to properly load onto the rollers. A nice square top is best!

Specific wide backing fabrics are best to work with when long arm quilting. This avoids seam ripples. Most fabrics are 42 inches wide. If piecing, remember to trim away the salvage as it does not shrink the same way your cotton will. Also, please press your seams open on that backing so your quilt lays nice and flat.

Please give your backing a light ironing. I can work out small wrinkles with a water spritz and light stretch on the machine. 

I will be carrying a collection of wide backing fabrics this fall. 

To best serve my customer, I will be carrying a high quality batting for sale. I will be using a high quality Dream Blend batting for all of my quilts though you may supply your own batting if you prefer. 

~ Sheri