Saturday, 29 June 2019

The Wednesday Quilt

This is Rae's Wednesday quilt and it is spectacular.

Rae worked on these small blocks every Wednesday this past winter while having fun in BC. I'm tickled that she asked me to quilt it for her. Rae is an experienced and perfect quilter. I'm always a little anxious about getting her quilts on the longarm. She puts such patience and time in everything she makes I'm always so worried I'll screw it up!!

There is a nice mix of traditional piecing and applique.  Every piece is perfectly on point!

The fabric line is Kansas Troubles. The quilt has a very classic and traditional feel to it. I used a So Fine thread called Toast and it blended very nicely. The panto is one of my faves, Wave on Wave.

Rae chose a cuddle backing from my stock. The colour is called Cappuccino and it is perfect.
This will make a lovely couch throw.

While I am working fairly slow this summer ... who knew how busy 2 year olds can be!! I am still taking on quilts for the season. Please contact me if you need any of your tops quilted or if you need some backing or thread.

All of my quilting money goes to Darby. Every time you purchase a thread or ask me to quilt a top for you it goes into an account for her.

It's been very important for me to tuck some money aside for this special little girl and I thank you all for supporting my business. I remember the deep forehead wrinkle my parents would get when I spoke about going to dental school or going to Harvard University ... they never told me no but that wrinkle told me they were strapped. My vow to Darby is to never show that wrinkle. Skies the limit for her!

Have a wonderful Canada Day. We truly live in one of the best countries in the world. We are all very blessed.


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