Tuesday, 18 June 2019


The title of today's blog is June .. not referring to the month of June, but for my friend June who brought me this lovely piece of art. 

This quilt top has a sweet and maybe sad story too it ... One of June's friends purchased this finished top at Value Village for $5. They knew she quilted and that she could likely find a use for the treasure ... I use the term treasure with great respect. This is a found treasure! 

My rotten photography does not truly showcase the shimmer this quilt has. This top was made with very expensive metallic fabrics. It is a top of a line piece. I could not get over how perfectly straight and even the top was. The seams are perfectly ironed flat and open. The person who made this top was a master quilter and a real perfectionist. It is one of the most beautiful quilts to be on my longarm.

The creator of this top was a real crafts person ... but where is she?  The piece made its way to June ... $5! Five dollars!!

I'll bet that five dollars and more to say the creator of the top is likely in heaven. I have no doubts that a beautiful woman passed away and left this quilt unfinished. It was likely in here sewing room or in a box of forgotten quilt tops ... she was maybe looking for the right time to finish it, tired of working on it or was waiting to send it to a longarm quilter like me.

I'll bet her children, or nieces or friends cleaned out her house after she died and had no idea what treasures she was keeping ....

I was sad for a moment thinking of her and others like her ... I think of my own stuff alot ... this whole year has been work on that ... it bothers me to think that someone else will finish my quilts ....

McPhee threatens to throw my material away when I die ... "Who will finish my quilts?" I pester a couple times a year ....

Here are some shots of June's top finished ...

We chose an ivory cuddle for the back and the Wave on Wave panto. So Fine thread in Snow (my fave) was the right choice.

June is a wonderful quilter in her own right and I'm tickled that she asked me to quilt this for her. It is going to be a wedding gift for a friend. I can't help but wonder the mystery around this quilt. I'll bet it was intended to be a wedding gift all along!

If this post does one thing for you, I hope it is for you to finish something unfinished ... dig out your UFOs (unfinished objects) .. whip (work in progress) or dig into your stash. Don't let your treasure wind up in the thrift shop.

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to bring this top to life. It made it into the right hands with June and for the lovely soul who started it. Wherever she is in the universe, I hope she can feel that it is loved. 

From the wisdom of my dear sweet husband .. finish your own damn quilts!



  1. Thank you so much for bringing this quilt top back to life. I would be jumping for joy if I found that at the local thrift store. One day a few years ago, I did find a finishe fortrel quilt at the second-hand store and was thrilled that it was only $12.00. I grabbed that up as soon as I spotted it. I could tell it was sewn together with love and patience. Part of the reason why I bought it was to honor the hands that created it. We quilters seem to share a bond that is very special and something to be cherished. That fortrel quilt is still currently living at the end of my couch, used by the fur babies and is becoming thread-bare from all the love, use and washing. I think about the maker of it every time I wash it, clean it or pick it up off the floor when it goes flying. (:
    It makes me smile and I think thats what it is all about.
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you for the kind words and for reading this crazy blog!
      I'm a bit of a creative writer and sometimes my imagination gets away on me ... Maybe I am completely wrong on my vision of this quilt ... I'm so glad you also found a treasure like June's and are loving the quilt with your fur babies! Sheri