Thursday, 6 June 2019

And then it was June!

Now, I have been a busier quilter than this blog would lead you to believe ... While my quilting skills improve everyday, my photography ones don't! If I have quilted something for you recently and you don't see it here, it is no judgement to your work, only to my rotten photography skills. The lighting isn't right ... pictures are blurry .. odd angles ... sigh ... one day .... 

I was tickled to have quilted these two cuties for my friend Sandra. She is fairly laid back and lest me pick the thread and panto. 

This quilt is all made of new grunge fabrics with a star motif. I used one of my old faves .. Mimosa as a panto and So Fine Thread in Snow.

Sandra chose an ivory cuddle backing for the quilt and it turned out really lovely.

The second quilt is a sweet baby quilt she threw together at one of our guild retreats. Sandra found good use of a stowed away panel and chopped it up to make this cute creation.

Panels can cause headaches at times as they are often not overly straight. You usually need to be careful with them and make sure you give a careful measure. We chose a white cuddle for the back of this one. The panto is Quirky and I used a shiny Glide thread in blizzard. The baby quilt called for some extra poof so I chose to use Dream Puff batting. It worked out nicely. I'm sure this will make a great gift for someone special. 

I'm busy quilting up a storm ... we have a busy summer ahead of us and I hate to see my pile of quilts get too high! I'm hoping for rain this weekend so Sean will stay home but it is fishing season!


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