Thursday, 25 April 2019

Quilts of Valour

Our guild got together this month to take part in the Quilts of Valour project. We are all tasked with making simple log cabin blocks in common colours to make and send to the organisation. The program gifts wounded veterans with quilts made across Canada.

This is a shot of the block ... the guild supplied the yellow centre and we provide the reds and creams from our stashes.

I took enough yellow centre blocks to make 12 and very quickly made up the dozen. I got digging through my stash baskets and found red after red .... I had alot of fun reminiscing about projects from years gone by.

I then called my friend Robin to see if she would be interested in making up a quilt or two with me and she came over the next day! We spend Good Friday together making the log cabin blocks and we managed to convince McPhee to make us supper. I had my top on the longarm Easter Sunday and finished binding it Monday night. Easy peasy!

Robin makes more quilts than anyone I know, yet, she has never made a log cabin. We're both hooked now and are feverishly cutting our stash into 2.5" strips.

The centre is yellow which is the QVC's request. It symbolises 'Coming Home' as respect to the yellow ribbon. The rest of the block is made with 2.5" strips in scrappy reds and creams to symbolise Canada.

Robin and I are both kind of nuts with things like this so are making more! One more at least for me and likely ten for Robin. It's quick, pretty and a really great stash buster, not to mention a really great program to be involved with. The organisation has a goal of delivering 20, 000 quilts - yep, 20 thousand in the next year!

You can check out the program and quilt ideas here .... Quilts of Valour Canada

I quilted with So Fine thread in 'Snow' #401and used Quilter's Dream blend batting. The panto is called 'Maple Syrup'. I think that was the most fitting choice for this Canadian themed quilt. I chose an ivory Shannon cuddle for the backing.  

If you have a basket of reds, make up a block or two as QVC also accepts them or if you like, drop them off to me and I'll get weave them into my next project. If you don't have any red scraps, I have lots! I'm happy to help you out.

Busy, busy this week ... I can't stop thinking of log cabins! 

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