Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Happy Birthday

It’s still so hard for me to believe that we have such a wonderful little girl and she is now two! 
Two years ago we got a call at 3:16 am to come for our baby. She would be born any minute. Sean and I were waiting at a nearby hotel for four days. I’ll never forget the brisk, cold walk to St.Boniface Hospital in the dark of night ..... and four days is not the entirety of it ... four days, plus three years waiting to be picked .... but ... that's the plot to another story ... 

I don't have the proper words for the feelings we had when we walked onto the maternity ward into a room to see this ...

I was warned by so many of you that time goes by fast ... to enjoy every minute ... you blink and they are grown ... Sean and I were both in awe at how tiny this little one was. It’s unusual and very, very special for adoption parents to be allowed in the hospitals. Most times, they receive their baby at an agency, lawyers office or other safe place. We are forever grateful to have been there.

And how big and wild she is becoming! We had a small party for Darbs. She loves trolls, Peppa and dinosaurs. Crazy about dinosaurs!

And of course, has this big guy completely wrapped!

I've been practising my icing skills ....

Remember how I was on a fabric diet? The great destash of 2019! Well ... you know how it is when you are on a food diet ... you restrict and count every calorie, every morsel .... maybe you do, maybe you don't ... I've been on so many diets I could wallpaper my bathroom with them! The surest way for me to gain 5 pounds is to go on diet! My fabric hold off was short lived.

In a fog, I somehow found myself in a fabric store last weekend and lo and behold! My girl's favourite things. Hello Peppa ... Hello Trolls! I had a weak moment just like when faced with cinnamon buns on a diet!

I'm thinking of making a couple of chair cushions with the Peppa fabric and a Mahjong throw with Trolls. Mahjong is a quick and easy pattern many of my guild friends made that I haven't actually tackled yet. Sigh ... more plans than time!

Stay tuned for the final product .....



  1. What a cutie pie. Our daughter arrived at a month old at the airport. She is now 31!! When does that happen. We are, like you, very blessed that a birthmom is still willing to make that sacrifice to make another family happy. Sharon in Colorado

  2. Sharon! Thank you so much for sharing. I still can't believe the courage that birth parents have to make the choice for adoption. It's easy to make other choices for them ... I thought I was going to die before we got Darby. I thought I would die of a broken heart and then in one quick motion, it all worked out. I wouldn't trade her for my own pregnancy for anything!