Friday, 15 February 2019


I want to share with you a sweet baby quilt I was commissioned to make for a customer. The family of baby Daisy are real modern Millie's so we thought they needed something more than pink bunnies for their newborn. My client trusted me to pick the fabrics and pattern but had two requests. One, was she wanted the baby's name on the quilt and two, to incorporate music. 

I was happy to oblige on both!

The pattern I used is an old faithful ... over sized hopscotch. I have lots of this True Blue Moda fabric kicking around and it fit really nice. 

I'm sorry my photography skills aren't better. The backing is a thick Shannon cuddle and the colour is called denim. I used quilter's dream batting (my fave!) and So Fine thread in Snow.

The panto is called Mozart and it fit the bill perfectly.  My client was tickled when I delivered her this quilt this week. Our little town has quite a thriving arts community. We have a wonderful community choir that actually performs in New York City if you can imagine! From Flin Flon to New York! My client and the new mom are heavily involved in the choir and local musical scene.

Now ... I'm fairly certain that this quilt has been gifted by now but if not ... shhhh ... don't approach any new baby Daisy's in town and comment on their beautiful blue quilt!

I still have a few yard of this ultra modern fabric. If you want anything stitched up, please contact me before its gone. These pieces are getting harder and harder for me to release!

Until next time ... may your stitches run straight, your pins stay sharp and your heart remains full of love.


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