Thursday, 3 January 2019

Just One More Sweater Away from Happiness

If you are a quilter following anyone on Instagram you will see the hash tag #sewmystash2019 popping up allover the place. The idea of course, is to sew your stash this year! Get rid on it and get rid of it.  I have jumped on the bandwagon with this one!

My stash has gotten out of hand lately and I need to start diving into some long forgotten baskets of fabric. In one of my last posts, I spoke about 'saving' fabric and how I have had a hard time cutting into some of it. I declare the year 2019 as the year of enough! I have enough. I am enough! Instead of looking to buy another bin to store things in this new year, I urge you to play along ... get working through what you already have!

My hubby's favourite joke to tell when we are in a quilt store together is 'Why don't you just give me $100 and I'll hand you things from your closet you don't even know you have." Ha ha. It was funny the first time ... but ... he may be onto something!

I have been inspired by a few different authors and bloggers this past year who write about living a more simple life .... getting your finances in order, decluttering, enjoying your down time. I follow  Cait Flanders, who wrote 'The Year of Less' and Courtney Carver who authored 'Soulful Simplicity'

Courtney Carver was the architect behind Project 333 which I am participating in. (For those who know me, I bet you didn't even notice!) You too can be more with less .. check her out here ...

That particular project is aimed at bringing in less and enjoying more ... 'Be more with Less'. Project 333 is a minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. I struggled with the thought of doing this challenge when I first came upon it on social media but the actual doing part was (and is) simple. I had in fact, been participating for years and was not fully aware of it. I had a packed closet full of clothes and an overflowing dresser. I had clothes in 3 different sizes for ten seasons. I was hanging onto fat jeans I worried about needing again, skinny jeans I longed to fit into and jeans that fit me today which I didn't like (and usually didn't wear). I had clothes 'just in case' I had clothes 'purchased' in virtual shopping carts and nearly daily, perused the net for a sale or was receiving a coupon or VIP card from one of my favourite shops. I was always just one more sweater away from happiness! I have struggled with my weight since I was a child and have really had a tough time letting go ... letting go of fat me, trying to be skinny me ... just another ten pounds, right? Ten more pounds and I will be a better whatever .... a better mom, a better wife, a better nurse ... ten go and guess what? It didn't happen ... so ... maybe ten more ... I have been on enough diets to wallpaper a bathroom and my body still settles to where it wants ....

With all of the clothes, books, bins and needing more, more, more .... I was feeling anxious and smothered.  I was, like most people, scurrying around in the morning declaring 'I have nothing to wear!' and likely wearing the same few outfits every day ...

Project 333 has set me free clothes, clutter and buying. The notion is now creeping downstairs into my last domain! The sewing room!

You can check it out here .... Project 333

Here's a shot of 'some of the stash' ..... (I'm feeling free already!)

Someday, usually means never .....

I may need this some day ... that is too good to cut ... this will be just right for ....

The truth is, that I will likely not live long enough to sew through all of my fabric and patterns.

Whoa now, this isn't a declaration of a terminal illness or anything ... its mathematical. The rate at which I can start and finish a quilt times the amount I have to work with equals a whole lot of boxes sold in a yard sale when I die. The thought of my beautiful treasures out in the yard getting picked over by neighbours for pennies makes me ill ... so ill, I'm doing something about it!

First up .... cutting into this box of kids fabric!

I have been operating my long arm business for about a year and a half now .... in 18 months I have not quilted one ugly quilt. Not one! Every single top brought into my house comes in with beauty and potential. They all leave rock stars! I'm not trying to insinuate that I am the best quilter in the world ... far from it ... what I am saying is that finished is better than perfect and all finished quilts are nicer than this sad box of fabric.

Wish me luck with my destash! Happy quilting to you this new year. May the new year bring your old projects back to life.


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