Monday, 31 December 2018

Quick Curve Ruler

I have fallen in love with the Quick Curve Ruler from 'Sew Kind of Wonderul' My word, I only had this silly thing for 3 years before I finally used it! I have the larger ruler but could never really master trimming up the blocks so I was apprehensive to make anything new.

I have been hoarding these mustard sparrows for about 4 years! I love them so much, I couldn't bear to cut into them. Seriously. I can't even tell you why they call to me so much. I have an odd thing with birds! Every bit of these two quilts are pieces from my stash. 

Even these sweet mustard puppies got used. 

The blue pinwheels are all from a picked over Alison Glass layer cake I had laying around. I love how it turned out! I used to be a very fussy quilter ... I wanted only designer fabrics of certain lines and everything had to be so so .. I stressed about making things 'perfect'. Scrap quilts used to make my heart beat fast. The thought of piecing a purple square next to a brown, next to a pink made my pulse race. For real. I had scrapaphobia.

 My stash is starting to overflow and its getting ridiculous. I thought I would go about making quilts in teh same fahion as I cook. At the end of the week I go through my fridge and cobble together a soup or stew. I see what's on hand to use up and very rarely need to purchase anything. God forbid I let something go to waste! Maybe I need to buy a bit of milk or a tomato .. something to slip into the pot to make it complete. I started to look at my fabric stash in the same fashion ... take a look in the basket and see what's on hand ... add just a snippet here and there to make it complete.

I love this hanging. It is very me and hangs over my desk. I know that these colors aren't everyone's cup of tea. I know that these modern looks play against the grain of what many think traditional quilting is about, but it makes me happy and that's all that counts! It has taken me a very long time to get to this place ... It has really taken me years to come to a place where I feel comfortable with my own style and not apologize for it. My stash got to be a collection of overflowing buckets because I tried to be like everyone else. I bought batiks because the best quilters I knew used them (and truthfully, never liked them) I bought old country roses and pastels because I thought that's what 'real traditional quilters' used. I was scared to show my boldness in many ways.

This is a brother to the first ... also using the quick curver ruler. This used up more of the layer cake and a hodge podge of  whites and greys. It feels good to empty out a basket and finish off a quilt. I made these two hangings start to finish in two weekends. It took me more time to sort through my fabric and kibitz about matching everything ... I finally decided to let that go and just create. 

I am not the best blog author .. if I get a minute of spare time, I want to sew or read or run. It seems like work to me to get my camera out and style everything. My friend Kathy is a wonderful quilter and photographer. I long to be like her but when it comes down to time. I just don't want to take the time to learn about doing a better job. If you want to see some wonderul quilt photos, check her out here Tamarack Shack  I would never had any kind of start in my quilting business if it weren't for the kindness and generosity of Kathy Schwartz! 

My photo assistant seems to have her own ideas of styling when I lay things out .... 

The best quilt to make is one that is used and loved! I have started to throw away my ideas of perfection ... the ideas I have had all of my life that things should be saved ... as a kid I bristled with 'saved' things in our house ... my granny had fancy towels 'saved' away for company that we weren't allowed to use ... we would 'save' tarts and hide them away for company ... too often, the company didn't come or they did and the tarts were saved so far down in the freezer they got forgotten and tossed. I don't want to 'save' anymore ... I would save fat quarters for a better project or expensive fabric I couldn't bear to cut into. No more!

I have come to embrace my messy house and imperfect life! Join my rebellion!
Scrap quilts rejoice! Do you think this little peanut cares if your quarter inch foot is off or your seams don't align?

I love these little peekaboo mice and the fussy cut of this earthly woman. I love hidden messages that come out of my quilts. Beauty is everywhere. We just need to open our eyes to see it.

I don't usually subscribe to NewYear's resolutions .. they are more like casual promises I have no legal obligation to keep ... this year, though, I am comitting to using up my stash. I am going to make more quilts, have more fun doing it and stressing less. I'm going to swear less in my sewing room and see more joy. I'm going to bring less in and relish in joy as more goes out.

Happy New Year Friends!
May 2019 bring you health, love and happiness ... want to know a secret?! (It's already in you, just unleash it!)



  1. Happy New Year Sheri! Every blog is different and unique, don't compare, just share what you love! I look at mine as my journal in this quilting journey. I was looking back at my first few blog post from 10 years ago...LOL they were really bad but make me realize how far I have come with my quilting and photography. So glad you are realizing what your style truly is and just know you have readers that enjoy coming to visit and see what you are working on. I love your curved quilts, I have the mini ruler but haven't tried it yet. You have inspired me to give it a try soon! Oh and those batiks in your stash you don't like, you know who you can share those with! :)

  2. My bag of batiks has found a lovely home with our friend Mrs. Black! She in turn, has gifted me with a stash of homemade turtle chocolates! I think it is an even trade!
    Thanks for the inspiration Kathy! You give me something to strive for ..... S