Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Fall Batiks

I was tickled to be asked by Cindy to quilt this lovely batik piece for her. Batki's aren't generally my jam so I found myself surprised at how much I liked this quilt.

Cindy chose a simple leaf pattern ... it was a good choice as there was quite a bit going on the top. A more complicated panto would have been lost.

I used my favorite Quilter's Dream Blend batting and So Fine thread in Snow #401. This is easily my most popular go-to thread.

 I carry a few wide back cottons (108") and a selection of Shannon cuddle backings (90"). We used one of the cottons here. This is an ivory vintage postage stamp motif. It gives some nice dimension to the quilt. We tried a plain ivory but it seemed a bit bland. I love a surprise on a quilt. Some friends think "it's just the back ... no one will see it ..."  Some friends put odd colors on to "use up fabric" I disagree. I think the back should hold as much attention as the front.

Cindy is a member of my local guild and quite a few ladies were "ooing and awwing" when she showed the back. I still have half a bolt left of this backing so if you are interested in a meter or two please call.

May your seams run straight and your pins stay sharp.

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