Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Scrap Quilt

This is a postage stamp quilt I made this season out of 2.5 " squares that were all bits of scraps and stash fabrics I had. 
It's a low volume quilt made up with 1, 182 squares. I have been picking away at it since January and the small bits were starting to take up too much space in my sewing room. It's a relief to have it done!

It was fun to fussy cut some sweet designs and incorporate them here and there into the quilt. 

I wasn't sure what kind of home this quilt would go to but it seems it will stay in my home as Darby seems to have adopted it as her play quilt. She quite enjoys laying on the floor and picking out the funny faces hidden in the quilt.

I tried out a new panto ... this one is called echo blossoms. It's a fun, tighter, edge to edge pattern. I thought it would be a good fit for the quilt. There is a lot going on with the whole quilt. It has a fun feel and I wanted to experiment a bit with different shapes and designs.

I beg you to find a better quilt model than this little mouse!
We had such a fun afternoon in the park ... rolling in the clover and enjoying a lazy summer Saturday. 

May your last summer days be as carefree as mine and Darby's!
Happy quilting


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