Thursday, 5 April 2018

Happy Birthday Darby!

It's hard to believe that our little mouse turned one last month. After years of heartache and wait and longing, we were so blessed to have Darby join our family last February. She turned one on February 28. It's hard for us to remember really, what life was like before Darby came. She was the last piece to complete our puzzle.

We had a low key party with some of Darby's favorite foods ... just papa, Casey dog and Grandma Robin. We celebrate Darby everyday ... we don't feel we need to spend a bunch of money - order a custom cake or party dress to put on a big event once a year.  We didn't hire a photographer or rent a hall. Just a low key day for our happy, sweet, mischievous little mouse. We had carrot cake and a nap. All things happy for a girl who is one her parents who love her more than anything.

It was all going so well until we put on the hat ......


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