Sunday, 25 February 2018

Tula Pink

I absolutely adore this Tula Pink quilt! I adore it! I had the pleasure of quilting this beauty for our local guild. The pattern is broken herringbone. 

I donated the coral cuddle backing to finish off this piece. We are trying to clear our guild cupboards so we can purchase new fabrics ... I was given a dark, grey speckled cotton but felt the quilt needed more of a softer touch. The coral really brought the quilt to life. I used my favorite Tickle panto and So Fine thread. The top color is a light moss green, bottom line a Glide thread called Rhodadendrone. It matched perfectly.

I know the bold, modern fabrics of Tula Pink are not in everyone's taste but this quilt is real eye candy!

Keep your tops coming! I can't wait to quilt for you!


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