Thursday, 22 February 2018

Star Wars

I had the pleasure to quilt this sweet piece for Iris. Now, Iris doesn't mess around with her quilts. She makes big, useful pieces! This is Star Wars quilt is charming. It is a gift for her grandson's birthday at the end of the month. (I don't imagine many tween boys read quilt blogs so I feel it safe to spill the surprise here!) 

 I used a light snow colored So Fine thread on top and a royal Glide thread to match the backing. I was happy to supply the cuddle for the back. The panto is a perfect fit ... its called Galaxy.

I've included a picture of Iris here with her quilt. It was great timing as I finished up the quilt for her the morning of our guild meeting. She was able to share it in show and tell before binding and shipping it off to her grandson.


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