Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Jelly Roll Rug

I had quite a bit of fun making this sweet jelly roll rug as part of a sew along on instagram. This is a pattern by Roma Lambson @romaquilts. 

It is a surprisingly big project in the end ... I am on a self-imposed fabric diet for the next few months so instead of purchasing a jelly roll, I cut my stash yardage .. my rug has leftovers from my Lug Nuts quilt I made a couple of years ago (Lug Nuts from Hell!) ... I fought with the project, threw parts in the garbage and invented new cuss words while making it. Many of my guild mates recognized the color scheme right away .... 

To get a feel for the size, our lab Rook weighs 169 pounds ... it's a good size rug. 

To test how your rug will turn out, flip your jelly roll on the side ....

The rug is really solid in its feel ... you would think it has cording but the pattern is quite simple ... jelly roll, 2 1/2 " batting strips and thread ... lots of thread. It is a thread eater! 

Casey always feels the need to 'help' his mom! 

Here's a shot of the progress .. much of the time spent sewing is making the 'yarn ball'
It really was an all day sewing event for me ... the project takes a good 12 hours start to finish .. longer if your dog makes knots in your strips and your husband can't manage to make himself lunch.

I highly encourage you to purchase your own pattern ... we really need to support people like Roma. I purchased mine and donated it to our guild. I can't wait to make another ... next time, all out scrappy!

This link should send you to Roma's Etsy store ....https://www.etsy.com/shop/romaquilts

These pictures here are bitter sweet for me ... these are the last photos of our boy Rook. We had to make the painful decision to lay him to rest last week. Our Mister had developed some large tumours in the past year - his mobility was failing, he had no desire to fetch, play or beg for baloney. It is the most painful heartbreak to lose a loyal friend like our Rook .... he was best friend to my husband, companion to my dad, brother to Darby and Casey and practice child to me...  To drive to the vet a threesome and come home a couple was the hardest thing.

..... goodnight in heaven sweet boy.

 ~ Sheri


  1. Thank you for your informative and entertaining blog post. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I am sure that Rook had a wonderful life with you as his "mother".

  2. I am having issues with my rug having dips and valleys-waves- after the first 4 rounds. I have taken it apart and re-stiched it but i still get waves. What am i doing wrong?

  3. I found if I steam pressed every few rows, also with spray starch it would lie flat. Hope this helps, although a bit late, you've probably gone on to other projects.