Thursday, 18 January 2018

Scrap Quilts!

Reneta is a wonderful. creative quilter. She's thrifty and throws nothing away! This is one of many extra, extra large scrap quilts she made this year. It was initially a bit of a bear for me to tackle and I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures. Those are two inch squares you are looking at by the way .... lots of them! 

Amy is also a real producer! I had lots of fun with her quilts. This quilt was made from blocks swapped through Instagram. It is a stunner. Amy has a fun, modern style which I love. She chose a wide back Tula Pink Cotton that I carry to back her piece. It gave the quilt a really sweet twist.

This scrap buster of Amy's made me drool. I'm sorry I'm not a better photographer. This is a charmer. The quilting really made it come alive. I used dragon fly daisy and a soft grey So-Fine thread. Amy tells me she only has a small bucket of scraps left after making this. It has inspired me to sort colors and start sewing one of my own. Sometimes the simplest ideas really make the biggest impact!

Amy chose Tula Pink again to back her quilt. This free fall design is fun. The wide back cotton I carry is 108" wide. I think it really tied this quilt together.

Thanks for letting me play with your quilts girls!


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