Monday, 22 January 2018

Kansas Troubles

I quilted this beauty for my friend Phyllis in the fall (see the peak of green grass in the background!)
I was so busy at Christmas, I just couldn't get it together to get all of my quilts on the blog!

I chose to quilt this piece with a chocolate So Fine thread. The quilt has a fairly dark border and backing in a rusty red. I am pleased with the choice but more importantly, Phyllis loved it. The pop of color really made the quilt dance.

 Doesn't call out for a cozy nap!!

I have around two dozen pantos in my library right now but seem to keep pulling for Tickle. I just love the pattern. It gives a nice masculine feel but still being pretty and playful. I love how the panto looks but it leaves for a perfect amount of density in the quilt. It washes up nicely, leaving just the right amount of loft.

My sweet little Darby is growing so fast! We tried to get her to model her 10 month badge on a quilted backdrop but this about the best we could get! This is the main reason I started my home business. To be home most days with this little mouse has been a dream come true.

Until next time. Can't wait to quilt for you!

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