Monday, 22 January 2018

Kansas Troubles

I quilted this beauty for my friend Phyllis in the fall (see the peak of green grass in the background!)
I was so busy at Christmas, I just couldn't get it together to get all of my quilts on the blog!

I chose to quilt this piece with a chocolate So Fine thread. The quilt has a fairly dark border and backing in a rusty red. I am pleased with the choice but more importantly, Phyllis loved it. The pop of color really made the quilt dance.

 Doesn't call out for a cozy nap!!

I have around two dozen pantos in my library right now but seem to keep pulling for Tickle. I just love the pattern. It gives a nice masculine feel but still being pretty and playful. I love how the panto looks but it leaves for a perfect amount of density in the quilt. It washes up nicely, leaving just the right amount of loft.

My sweet little Darby is growing so fast! We tried to get her to model her 10 month badge on a quilted backdrop but this about the best we could get! This is the main reason I started my home business. To be home most days with this little mouse has been a dream come true.

Until next time. Can't wait to quilt for you!

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Scrap Quilts!

Reneta is a wonderful. creative quilter. She's thrifty and throws nothing away! This is one of many extra, extra large scrap quilts she made this year. It was initially a bit of a bear for me to tackle and I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures. Those are two inch squares you are looking at by the way .... lots of them! 

Amy is also a real producer! I had lots of fun with her quilts. This quilt was made from blocks swapped through Instagram. It is a stunner. Amy has a fun, modern style which I love. She chose a wide back Tula Pink Cotton that I carry to back her piece. It gave the quilt a really sweet twist.

This scrap buster of Amy's made me drool. I'm sorry I'm not a better photographer. This is a charmer. The quilting really made it come alive. I used dragon fly daisy and a soft grey So-Fine thread. Amy tells me she only has a small bucket of scraps left after making this. It has inspired me to sort colors and start sewing one of my own. Sometimes the simplest ideas really make the biggest impact!

Amy chose Tula Pink again to back her quilt. This free fall design is fun. The wide back cotton I carry is 108" wide. I think it really tied this quilt together.

Thanks for letting me play with your quilts girls!


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Catch-Up Time!!

I had such a fun and busy two months leading up to Christmas I barely had time to snap pictures of all the quilts I finished. I know how it feels to be under the gun, racing to finish a gift, wrap it and possibly send it away. I was happy to quilt for a number of people, even taking tops right up to December 23rd!

Here's a selection of a few beauties I quilted late in 2017.

This is an original design made by Lorna. She used a lovely grey fireside backing. It is warm and wonderful. I quilted it with the lapis panto and used a moss grey/green So-Fine thread on top and bottom.

Cynthia made this butterfly beauty as a birthday gift for a sweet gal. It's nice to give something that is truly appreciated and I think birthday girl is thrilled with this Majong.

I'm happy to carry a number of backings as part of my service. Cynthia chose a soft pink cuddle and it really tied the quilt together. I used a pale pink So-Fine thread on top and bottom. The panto is Tickle Too which is one of my favorites and a very popular pick.

I had fun quilting this top for Sandra. It is simple and sweet. I love the simple nature of this stunner.
Red and ivory half square triangles - it has inspired me to dig through my stash and get sewing! I have turned into a bit of a fabric hoarder and now that I have Lucey, I only want to quilt, quilt quilt!

I used the tickle too panto again and a soft beige So-Fine thread on top and bottom. Sandra used a creamy beige Moda Grunge backing. It made for a real classic piece.


Sunday, 14 January 2018

Christmas Gifts

I was thrilled to quilt this gift for Sherri. She made it on the sly for her mother. Sherri took me up on my offer to sew binding in order to really keep it secret. She dropped off a flimsy and I returned a completely finished top. All she had to do was wrap and place it under the tree. It is a stunning purple and fuschia throw. She also made matching pillow shams.

I quilted dragon fly daisy and used a light grey So-Fine thread for top and back.

Thanks Sherri! I loved quilting this for you and can't wait to see what else you come up with!

I didn't even realize at first, but another customer made the same pattern. This blue and white beauty belongs to Iris. She was on a mission this past year to make quilts for her kids and hubby. The blue and white is crisp and clean

I quilted Iris's quilt with the tickle panto. It is one of my faves! I used a blizzard white So-Fine thread on the top and bright blue on the back. Iris purchased a cuddle backing from me to finish off the quilt. I love the feel of a cuddle backing. This quilt will be cherished. 

 I love seeing a quilt come together . This is a shot of another of Iris's quilts half done ... that is the gingersnap panto on hunter star. To take a flimsy and make it come alive is magical!