Monday, 9 October 2017

Thanksgiving Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving! We have sooo much to be thankful this year. Our sweet little mouse Darby came to us in February and nothing will ever be the same!

Sweet Darby
In July, Lucey came to live in our basement. I still can't believe we have this wonderful, giant sewing machine in our house! It has been fun. I'm thankful for my friends in the Northstar Quilt Guild who trust me with their treasures. I had lots of fun playing this weekend with Bjorn Bear and Dogs in Sweaters. We will be raffling these two quilts at upcoming Christmas sales in our region. I'm having a tough time parting with them!

I used a #50 wt So Fine thread on top and bottom in ivory snow. The panto is Tickle Too

Dogs in Sweaters is just about the cutest quilt I have ever had my hands on! It took some time to construct and the ladies who worked on it need a hand on the back! I used an ivory So Fine thread on top and navy on the bottom. The backing is a fun, navy cotton. The panto I used is called Gingersnap.

I suspect this may be one of my last shots in the grass .... we had some firm looking rain last night and the cool air today brought us in the house sooner than we would have liked! Winter is on its way! Good thing these dogs are toasty warm in their cool Nordic sweaters.

 ~ Sheri

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