Thursday, 7 September 2017

Hello Lucey!!

 Look who came to live with us!! Lucey!!

My APQS long arm is finally here! Welcome to Flin Flon Lucey. The message on this box sums it up fairly well .... 'Extreme Excitement'

 Here is a shot of the 7 large boxes she came in.

 And a bow on top!!

Lucey is stationed downstairs in our rec room. Sean gave up most of his man cave for her (and me!) He gave up alot here and I truly appreciate it .... but .... he won't budge on some things .... the poker table is gone but the fishing rod rack and stuffed animal heads are to remain. You can see a bit of the deer head in this shot .... sigh .....

I've had alot of fun playing with Lucey this week ... getting my tension right and testing out some quilt loads. Not a bad daisy chain for a first pass.

I'm pleased to have a pretty large stash of threads come in today ... this is a box of 'Glide' threads in various colors. I really love the sheen it gives to a quilt and the toughness of it.

I am so thankful that so many people are waiting to give me quilts ... I have a good dozen on deck right now.  I'm tickled that so many friends are trusting me with their treasured tops!

My first customer .... Robin!

Robin dropped off a small play quilt for her grandson. I whipped it up pretty quickly and am just pleased as pink with how it turned out. I used a whimsical panto called 'Coil' on this piece. The top thread is a light grey and the bottom grass green. I hope Zander has lots of fun with this toy mat.

Happy quilting friends

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  1. Finally catching up on my blog reading! Glad to see your all set up and getting quilts! Love the bag, I'm sure many of those will be showing up at guilds Show and Tell time!