Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Fancy Foxes

We have a new Fox baby in my family .. this is a gift for baby Norah. I am quite tickled with this Elizabeth Hartman pattern and have made a couple versions of these foxes now.

The quilt was made from scraps and stash I had around .... the linen is a denim colored linen and the faces made from a selection of Tula Pinks and other jelly roll strips I had laying around. I love how it turned out ... (thought about keeping it as a wall hanging!)

I quilted with the Wave on Wave panto which is one of my faves. I used a Snow colored So Fine on top and bottom. I used a pale pink cuddle backing. All babies need cuddle don't they?

I hope Norah likes her new quilt!


Thursday, 19 April 2018


This is Leslie's sweet quilt for her grandson. I was tickled to quilt it for her. I yelped a bit when I first saw it and said, "sweet puppies' .... ponies she corrected me .... puppies, ponies, whatever, it is darling. 

I used a snow So-Fine tread on top and bottom and quilted with the gingersnap panto. There is plenty of loft with this fun quilt. 

Leslie chose a bright fireside backing which shows off the quilting quite nicely. It will sure be warm and cuddly.

I have about a two week turn around right now for quilts. Myself, a few friends and ladies from our guild have been busy making quilts for Humboldt .... #Humboldtstrong, #quiltsforbroncos. I volunteered to quilt them for free and will be busy this weekend with that project. I am really proud of the work we have done so far and can't wait to show you some of the finished quilts!


Thursday, 5 April 2018

Happy Birthday Darby!

It's hard to believe that our little mouse turned one last month. After years of heartache and wait and longing, we were so blessed to have Darby join our family last February. She turned one on February 28. It's hard for us to remember really, what life was like before Darby came. She was the last piece to complete our puzzle.

We had a low key party with some of Darby's favorite foods ... just papa, Casey dog and Grandma Robin. We celebrate Darby everyday ... we don't feel we need to spend a bunch of money - order a custom cake or party dress to put on a big event once a year.  We didn't hire a photographer or rent a hall. Just a low key day for our happy, sweet, mischievous little mouse. We had carrot cake and a nap. All things happy for a girl who is one her parents who love her more than anything.

It was all going so well until we put on the hat ......


Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Bonnie & Camille Log Cabin

I finally quilted one of my own quilts!!

I have been busy since day one getting Lucey ... very often, I push my own projects to the side in order to accomodate my customers. Christmas was an especially busy time for me and while I am thankful that so many of you trust me with your quilts, I did need a bit of a January break. 

I had so much fun making my Bonnie & Camille log cabin blocks ... this was a block swap I got involved with on Instagram last year ... we had to make one dozen scrappy log cabin blocks 20.5 " and then slice it into quarters ... we keep a quarter and the rest got sent for reimbursement to other quilters. There were over 200 quilters involved in the end ... I chose to do a double set to make my quilt bigger in the end ... my blocks came from all over Canada, the US and a couple from Australia ... 72 different women contributed to making my quilt! 

This is a shot of the beginning block .... 

When my blocks returned to me, I trimmed them to 10" and then cut them on the diagonal. I love how this gave a secondary pattern to the finished quilt.

 I quilted with the Tickle panto (one of my faves!) and used a lush, royal minky on the back. The top thread is a soft lemon ice Glide thread. I especially adore my stripey binding. It is also from a Bonnie & Camille line.

My quilt turned out twin size ... I honestly couldn't get a clear full on shot of it ...we have 6 foot snow banks in the back yard and poor hubby's arms couldn't stretch out as far as I would have liked!
I did have a few blocks left ... maybe Darby will get a matching quilt for her crib.

I was able to show off my treasure at our last guild meeting. Finished in the nick of time!


Sunday, 25 February 2018

Tula Pink

I absolutely adore this Tula Pink quilt! I adore it! I had the pleasure of quilting this beauty for our local guild. The pattern is broken herringbone. 

I donated the coral cuddle backing to finish off this piece. We are trying to clear our guild cupboards so we can purchase new fabrics ... I was given a dark, grey speckled cotton but felt the quilt needed more of a softer touch. The coral really brought the quilt to life. I used my favorite Tickle panto and So Fine thread. The top color is a light moss green, bottom line a Glide thread called Rhodadendrone. It matched perfectly.

I know the bold, modern fabrics of Tula Pink are not in everyone's taste but this quilt is real eye candy!

Keep your tops coming! I can't wait to quilt for you!


Thursday, 22 February 2018

Star Wars

I had the pleasure to quilt this sweet piece for Iris. Now, Iris doesn't mess around with her quilts. She makes big, useful pieces! This is Star Wars quilt is charming. It is a gift for her grandson's birthday at the end of the month. (I don't imagine many tween boys read quilt blogs so I feel it safe to spill the surprise here!) 

 I used a light snow colored So Fine thread on top and a royal Glide thread to match the backing. I was happy to supply the cuddle for the back. The panto is a perfect fit ... its called Galaxy.

I've included a picture of Iris here with her quilt. It was great timing as I finished up the quilt for her the morning of our guild meeting. She was able to share it in show and tell before binding and shipping it off to her grandson.


Wednesday, 21 February 2018


I had the pleasure of quilting this beauty for Lynn. This is a wall hanging for her daughter who just gave birth to a boy ... Lynn is working on a compliment for baby .... can't wait to see the tee pees!

I love this quilt. I mean, I love it! Lynn always chooses bold, rich colors and most of her quilts have a real modern feel. She designed this piece herself and I encouraged her to write it up to sell .... I would be the first customer! 

The feathers and arrows are made with lovely Allsion Glass fabrics. The backing is a moda marble dot in a creamy/grey grunge. Lynn chose the Bora Bora pattern and a soft grey So Fine thread ... it appears as if there is a wind blowing across the quilt ... It turned out so great!