Thursday, 30 July 2020

Quilty Stars

This lovely runner was made by Rae for her sister's piano top. We have been busy in our guild making these sweet, scrappy quilty stars and having alot of fun with them. 

I used a modern panto called 'Ebb & Flow' with So Fine thread. It is simple and beautiful. 

The backing is grunge ivory dots

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Fabric Sale

I'm looking to make some space in the quilting studio and have some deals for all my customers. 

I have some wide back cotton backings at 108" wide on sale for $20 a meter. Regular $26 with tax. 

Ivory grunge dots
Vanilla grunge

Charcoal grunge dots
Blue/grey grunge

Blue galaxy
Lori Holt green chicks

I also have a nice selection of Bella Solid basics for $10 a meter



Two shades of dark pink Shannon cuddle 60" wide for $15 a meter

A fairly large selection of So Fine cones $20 per cone. Regular $25. 
The 5 small cones are Glide threads - $10 each.

Give me a call or text at 204-271-2620 or email me 

First come, first serve
All sales final, cash & carry

I'm also packaging up some odds and ends of fabric - a meter here or there that were end of the bolt pieces. I can have those together and available to guild members this month.

As many of you know, I am looking at selling my longarm machine and am in discussion with a couple of people for her. She takes up a lot of space in our home and in my life. I may keep her yet, but ... in the meantime, these fabrics have been sitting on my shelf for too long! Its time to make room for new. 


Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Oh My Stars

This lovely quilt belongs to Sandra. The blue beauty was supposed to live in her spare bedroom - that is until her daughter Heather saw it. You can guess where it's going now ....

I will always remember Heather who said a happy home should have quilts with yellow. 

I used a new panto called Ripples and Quilter's Dream Blend batting. I used a variegated King Tut thread in denim. The backing is one of my old wide backs that I have had on hand. This blue 'galaxy' was one of the first backings I bought and thankfully, I am nearly to the end of the bolt. It seemed a perfect fit when I saw Sandra's quilt. 

Lovely work Sandra. Thanks for letting me finish it up for you! 


Saturday, 13 June 2020

Canada Day

This lovely creation belongs to Raye! I hadn't seen these particular blocks before. Some are quite unusual. Raye tells me the blocks were to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday and you had to visit particular quilt shops to find them. She had traveled to and from BC and stopped at shops along the way. It turned out really great. 

I think this heart block is my favorite

Or maybe those red mittens at the bottom ... 

or the toque ... 

We used the 'Maple Syrup' panto ... you must use maple leaves on a Canada Day quilt! 
The batting is quilters dream blend and So Fine thread in light beige for top and bottom. Raye supplied a backing which was large pieces from her leftover fabrics. 


Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Quarter Sections

Phyllis dropped this quilt by and I was happy to get it quilted up lickity split. It's a sweet Quarter Sections quilt for a family friend. 

The fabrics Phyllis chose have special meaning. The dad of the upcoming baby is from Australia so she chose Koala bears. Mom grew up at Birch Lake outside of Creghton, so of course, the quilt needed birch trees. Clever.

I love it when people are easy! Phyllis just wanted it finished ... she let me pick the backing, thread and panto. I chose a soft grey cuddle for the backing and used a light ice blue So Fine thread on top and bottom. The panto is one of my favorites, Gingersnap.

Last call for quilts! I still have a small pile to get through this weekend and after that, Sean & I will be away with Darby for 2-3 weeks. Two weeks for sure in hospital and after that we don't know yet. Regardless, I will be taking some time away from anything to do with work or deadlines for most of the summer. 


Sunday, 7 June 2020

52 Blocks

This was a fun quilt for me to finish up for Iris. It was a challenge to make 52 blocks in 52 weeks. Iris tells me it is all scraps. She did not purchase one bit of fabric. Well done!

Iris just wanted it finished and let me pick the panto, thread and backing. I hope she likes the finished product! Casey Fox sure does. He likes what he likes.

I used Quilter's Dream batting and a light So Fine thread - Snow. 

The backing I chose is from my secret stash. The color is called Mallard and it is a deep dark teal. It's my fave! The panto is Asian Maple. I wasn't sure where this quilt was going to end up so thought it best not to make the quilt too frilly.

 ~ Rain rain go away .... the week is looking to be miserable. Our camping weekend went out the window so what's a girl to do? Quilt!


Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Puppy Love

This sweet panel quilt belongs to Helen. She tells me that the finished top has been hanging around for a year or more and it just needed to get quilted already! I know I have been there! 

The quilt is bright and full of puppy fun. Helen loves black and loves cuddle so it was an easy choice of what to add to the quilt. 

I had some fun quilting this throw and dug out my King Tut thread. This is a rainbow variegated thread and it really added some whimsy to the quilt. It showed up wonderfully on the black border but also didn't compete with the bright puppies.

The pantograph is called Quirky. We used Quilter's Dream Blend batting and magna glide bobbin in  black for the bottom thread.

 What unfinished projects do you have hiding in your cupboard?