Sunday, 26 January 2020

Welcome Back

Stacey brought me these wonderful tops to quilt and bind for her. She had put her quilting hobby on the shelf for awhile as they went through un-ending renovations. She now has a finished, kick-ass space to quilt and craft and has been sewing up a storm! I'm so pleased she has picked it up again.

This is one of two she dropped off ... his and her quilts. She chose the 'popcorn' panto as the quilts will live in her rec room where they have a display popcorn maker. I can't think of a better reason! 

Stacey made me laugh ... I commented how the fabrics are new, no way they had been sitting in an unfinished craft room for a few years. The top quilt is made with grunge metallics .... "I said I haven't quilted for 12 years, I didn't stop buying!" That a girl!

This second throw is for her hubby. It's a warm, flannel beauty. 

Both quilts were backed with this rich, navy cuddle. I used So Fine thread in Snow for top and bottom and quilter's dream blend batting. 

This was a great time for Stacey to drop of her quilts. I'm typically quiet in January and February after the Christmas rush. I had a relaxing time watching movies and binding these for her. I forget to relax every now and then so it was good therapy to help her out with these quilts.


Thursday, 2 January 2020

Happy New Year!

I've had a nice extended Christmas break this year ... thank you college teaching! So many years I worked every shift through the holidays. Sean and I both did actually. When I worked in the ER I usually volunteered to work the holidays in order to give nurses with kids the days off. I didn't mind the work and the money was always better on the stat holidays. Now, our time has come to kick back and enjoy the time at home. We needed a good break this year! 

Christmas 2019 was great. As you can see, our little girl is sweet and smiling and our stockings are full. 

All things Frozen are a hit in our house!

Our first go at a gingerbread house. We didn't do too terribly for first-timers, one being two-years old. I make a baking goal every year and to perfect gingerbread is my 2020 mission.

We had a little rummoli, meat tray party for New Year's and slept the first away. I'm back to combing my hair and venturing outdoors now and am down in the studio playing around with Lucey. Stay tuned for new pantos and some new tricks!

All the best in 2020!

Wednesday, 11 December 2019


I had the pleasure of quilting two tops for Phyllis this week. Sorry, Phyllis, I couldn't keep my helper off your warm and cosy quilt! Casey felt he needed to be part of the photo shoot. Customers be warned, we live with a dog, a toddler, and old man who likes the heat high and a general daily mess.

This was a pattern all the rage with our guild last year called 'Simple Bricks'. It is one of my faves. It really whips up quickly.  Phyllis chose a silver cuddle for a backing and let me decide on the thread and panto. I used a silvery glide thread and this festive poinsettia pantograph.

The second of Phyllis' quilts is a real treasure. This was a quilt she revamped which was made in 1981 for her baby boy John. I'm not a real fan of a tied quilt but thankfully this one was. Phyllis was able to revamp it by simply untying the wool and removing the batting. I think it was initially stuffed with an old blanket or wadding that was used in the day. 

The ties barely showed a mark. I used a quilter's dream puff batting to really give this quilt some loft. Phyllis told me that she plans to hang the quilt so I didn't want it too heavy and the backing didn't matter as much. She brought a simple white sheet which worked great.

I had many family treasures made in this similar style. This quilt brought back many wonderful memories. The quilt is in great shape considering that it was really used.

I know Jon, and he's a guy's guy. I didn't want the quilt to be too feminine (even though there are sweet little lambs on it!). I used the gingersnap panto and my favourite So Fine thread 401 in Snow.

Mommy's Angel! Indeed Jon Kozak!
Thanks for trusting me with your heirloom!

I have two customer quilts on the go this week and could squeeze in one more if you are desperate to finish up a gift. I quilted a top for myself last night and it felt great. I honestly hadn't quilted anything just for me in over a year! Oh boy. Now, a night of cuddling, Christmas movies and hand binding.


Tuesday, 3 December 2019


December has started off rocky for our family. I can't even start to speak of some of it just yet ... so far, so good, we are all back to our selves. Our Darby woke us last week vomiting and what looked to be a seizure. We rushed to the ER and then sent life flight to Winnipeg. We spent a few days in ICU and am happy to report we are home. I am more than thankful to be in a position to write this and to be home, sleeping in our own beds. I wasn't sure in the thick of it, if that was going to happen. I wasn't sure we would ever be home again with our special little girl. It took us four years to get her, we aren't prepared to lose her in three. We may have a rocky road for the next few months but that's okay. We're together.

I'm a bit of a control freak and of course could only worry about things from home. A number of you left quilts with me which I scrambled to get done. Thanks to my friend Nadine who found them and got them finished. My friend Robyn finished up some binding (which she hates) and mailed off a few items for my Etsy Shop. Thanks for everything.

I started my little quilting business to spend more time at home with Darbs and I want to thank all of  you, my dear customers for your support. You can buy thread from Walmart or batting from Fabricland, maybe cheaper, but please know, I do a little happy dance when each of you come to visit and support me and my shop. Other long arm quilters may have the newest computer technology and work overnight but they don't have a sweet little girl bopping around. Darby gets as excited as me to see the new quilts 'the ladies' bring over and to 'help'. I truly appreciate your business.

I am still taking tops in this crazy time, to quilt and am happy to take on some custom orders through the holidays. I am at my happy place in my little quilting studio and Lord knows how many times I left my Christmas gifts to the last minute! I'm happy to help out if you need something finished. I'm happier quilting late at night in my jammies than up early to go to my 'real work' any day.

We are thankful every day to be with Darby and this Christmas is extra special. It seems the rug has been pulled from our feet rather suddenly and for right now, we are home and happy. Darby is her happy, sweet self who loves, loves her Christmas tree and especially the big box it came in! She thinks Santa is going to come on Christmas and take her tree away and her socks ... not sure where that notion came from ... she was delighted to learn last night that Santa actually leaves the tree and some presents. She loves her manger and a little snow globe of a baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  We have been doing a lot of praying lately and I know you have been as well.

Merry Christmas from The McPhee's (floor full of dinosaurs and all!)

Thursday, 21 November 2019

As Promised .....

Here is the 2nd Teacup Quilt I finished up this week. It amazes how different Lorna's and Lynn's quilt look! 

No one knows why they named the pattern 'Teacup' ... it is a sweet, fun to sew up throw made up of 10" layer cakes.  Lorna used up some Christmas batiks she had for an wonderful wintry quilt!

This is one of my new pantos just in and it is a perfect pick for the quilt (sorry about the upside down picture!) The scribbled trees add the right amount of loft to the quilt and make it really pop. Lorna chose a silver Glide thread with a bit of glimmer and a light grey cuddle I had on hand. It was the right choice.

I can't wait to make my own 'Teacup' quilt. I'm fairly swamped again this week but working through my tops. I think I need to do a Christmas cut off this year so if you have a gift to finish up, please get it to me sooner than later. We are gearing up for a fun Christmas this year with Darby and stressing over quilt tops isn't high on my Christmas list.

I'm looking forward to unwinding more a bit over this Christmas break and finally tackling some of my own long forgotten projects. I have 2 tops that have sat un-quilted on a shelf for 4 years! Time to get them finished and to loving homes.

Until next time,

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Teacup Quilt

This is one of two 'Teacup' quilts I finished up for Lynn. The pattern is wonderbar! It is from the Misouri Quilt Company if you are looking for a quick and easy pattern that lets your fabric really shine. 

Lynn made these two small throws for some little people in her life. She wanted Dream Puff batting to give them some extra loft which was a great choice. She also wanted a cotton backing. I'm happy I still have some wide back grunge on hand. It was the perfect choice. Most people who come to me want cuddle so I had this stowed away on my bookcase.

The panto is 'Ebb & Flow' which is a more modern panto that Lynn requested in the past. I bought it actually to use on her quilts! The fabrics she chose are very nautical - lake life and I thought the ebb and flow resembled soft waves. Thread of course, is So Fine, my fave. I used a soft silver on one and ivory 401 in the other.

Stay tuned to next week. Lorna dropped off a quilt the other day in a very different colour wave, using the same pattern. I barely new it was the same! Amazing how fabrics can change the feel of a piece.

I'm fairly swamped with quilts for the next two weeks so need to hold off taking more for the time ... I promise to help you finish up your Christmas gifts, I just need a day or two ... McPhee tore my wall apart by Lucey to re-insulate and we have had a bit of a mess in the studio this past month. I appreciate a warm basement but does he not realise that quilter's have needs!

More pantos in stock but no time to post them ... give me a buzz if you are interested in anything.


Sunday, 13 October 2019

Christmas Countdown

I'm still busy making my Christmas advent calendars. They are so much fun! My little Etsy shop is up and running and people seem to be loving these sweet gifts. As soon as I make them, I sell them! Not a bad thing but my fall plans to join a local sale have fallen to the wind. 

I've sent these calendars across Canada, to Italy and today an order from New Zealand. Just think, my little basement quilt shop is sending items across the world ... a quilt made in Flin Flon, Manitoba is making its way to a Kiwi!

This is one of the new designs I got in and it is now my real favourite! I say this with each one ... corals, red, ivory, baby blues and a thread of gold .... sweet, sweet, sweet!

This is from Dashwood Studio in the UK and I think the print is actually from last year. I could only get 6 in so far so if you want to call dibs on one, call it soon.

I've been collecting sweet gifts for Darby's calendar and can't wait to get it started. I found some miniature dinosaurs at Michael's craft store last week in Winnipeg. I have an Olaf and Elsa of course, as well. I'll put a few chocolates in the pockets, maybe a toonie in one of the pockets. I don't want it too full of candy so I also squirrelled away some berets and bows for her wild hair.

If you need a top quilted, please get it to me sooner than later. I'm getting them quilted fairly quickly now that I have Friday's off from work but Christmas is coming upon us soon! Give yourself enough time to get it back and bound.

Happy quilting!