Sunday, 17 September 2017

Wild Blue Yonder

I'm still having fun playing with my machine ... I'm trying out different designs, threads, bobbin tension and others.  This is part of my summer stash busting adventure. I made this throw out of my stash of Bonnie & Camille fabrics, using my friends Kathy & Lori's pattern, Quarter Sections. I love this pattern. It is a great one to really showcase your fabric.  I used the 'pretty posies' panto on this piece with snow thread on top and bottom. The backing is a rich snow white cuddle. 

This is a piece I quilted for our guild. It is fun child's quilt which we have plans to donate at Christmas. The pattern is Majong and the panto 'Into the Wild Blue Yonder' it is a fun panto with airplanes to match the fabric. I used a white on top and cool grey glide thread in the bottom.

This is an old eye spy I had laying around waiting to be quilted. I have made a few of these fun quilts and still have a pretty big box of children's fabric to make more!  I used the 'Coil panto for this piece. It is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I purchased the panto initially to use on children's quilts but it has a really pretty look to it. It isn't overly dense, making for a loftier quilt. I used a navy glide thread on the top and bottom. The backing is a cuddly navy fireside. I have some fun striped binding set aside for this guy. 

Until next time,
~ Sheri

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Hello Lucey!!

 Look who came to live with us!! Lucey!!

My APQS long arm is finally here! Welcome to Flin Flon Lucey. The message on this box sums it up fairly well .... 'Extreme Excitement'

 Here is a shot of the 7 large boxes she came in.

 And a bow on top!!

Lucey is stationed downstairs in our rec room. Sean gave up most of his man cave for her (and me!) He gave up alot here and I truly appreciate it .... but .... he won't budge on some things .... the poker table is gone but the fishing rod rack and stuffed animal heads are to remain. You can see a bit of the deer head in this shot .... sigh .....

I've had alot of fun playing with Lucey this week ... getting my tension right and testing out some quilt loads. Not a bad daisy chain for a first pass.

I'm pleased to have a pretty large stash of threads come in today ... this is a box of 'Glide' threads in various colors. I really love the sheen it gives to a quilt and the toughness of it.

I am so thankful that so many people are waiting to give me quilts ... I have a good dozen on deck right now.  I'm tickled that so many friends are trusting me with their treasured tops!

My first customer .... Robin!

Robin dropped off a small play quilt for her grandson. I whipped it up pretty quickly and am just pleased as pink with how it turned out. I used a whimsical panto called 'Coil' on this piece. The top thread is a light grey and the bottom grass green. I hope Zander has lots of fun with this toy mat.

Happy quilting friends

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Lessons From The Best!

I was invited out to the Tamarack Shack this week for a long arm lesson! I couldn't be more blessed than to have a private lesson from one of the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kathy Schwartz!

Kathy is packing up the shack in preparation for their family's move to Ontario. We worked on a guild project together. See her blog Here ..... I'm tickled to have worked on the last quilt in the Tamarack Shack .... so much I chose the 'Tickle' pantograph! Kathy's machine is the APQS Millennium .... I purchased 'Lucy' which is a bit of a lighter model. I had a tough time getting the hang of the bigger machine and feel I definitely need some practice.  I akin it to I drive a Ford Escape, and Millie is the Expedition ... a bit tougher to park .... My Lucy should be getting to Flin Flon in two weeks! 

The guild has allowed me to practice my long arm skills on a number of comfort quilts. We donate dozens of quilts every year to various individuals and organizations. This quilt shows that a simple pattern can really shine. We had a bundle of plaid flannels stowed away that made it's way into a top. The backing is a chocolate fireside. We chose a golden brown to compliment the various colors. I think it is really charming .... and as always, finished is better than perfect!

Our guild blog can be found Here

Kathy has only ever been kind, supportive and gracious. She will be missed in our community and missed by me personally. She has been extremely supportive of me starting up a long arm business and I am forever grateful. She not only gave me great lesson Friday, but fed us lunch, let us dip our toes in the lake and taught my daughter to growl like a bear .... it was a great day!

Here's Sweet Darby ... my little quilter in training

 And like a good quilter, she knows when it's time to pack it in for a wee nap! 

Happy quilting!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

First Quilts!

 I am so excited to finally getting my long arm machine and getting my business up and off the ground. I am happy to show off a couple quilts I completed last month. Thank you to
Wendy and Jocelyn at Fabriculous for helping me get off the ground! Check them out here .... One of my favorite quilt shops! Visit them here ....

This Quarter Sections Quilt is designed by my friends Kathy and Lori with Highway Ten Designs ... Link to purchase the pattern here  It is a fun, fast quilt. I pieced the top with Cotton and Steel fabrics and backed it with a lush, charcoal cuddle. I love how it turned out! 

This second quilt was a top created by our guild - Northstar Quilt Guild in Flin Flon, MB. I was tickled to help out of guild and thankful they allowed me to 'practice' my new long arm skills on one of the comfort quilts.

This blog is still under construction ... stay tuned for more!
Until next time,

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Finished is better than perfect!

I have been on a binge this summer - a stash binge! I have been hanging onto fabric for too long ... fat quarter bundles too pretty to cut ... yardage living in a tote waiting for the 'perfect project' .... sale pieces, scraps, you name it! I made it my mission this summer to get cutting, sewing and transforming.

How is your stash? Bursting at the seams? Spilling out of drawers? I have fabric which was bought in 2000! Time to make some memories with it. Why the fire now? ....... I need to make room for Lucey of course! ;)

This is a little preview of what's coming ........thank you Wendy and Mama J for letting me have some fun in the shop Fabriculous in Swan River ....... stay tuned!