Monday, 5 November 2018


This charming country quilt was made by Sherron. This is an old Thimbleberries block of the month that a few of us tackled a few years back. Sherron, like many of us, starts a project to find it hidden in a closet for a few weeks or months ... or years! It's great that she finished it and I am tickled that she thought of me to quilt it for her.

 This is a calender quilt. Each month represents a new block with a story to the month ... hearts for February, Christmas tree for December etc. Sherron chose an ivory/grey light marble background from my stock. We picked one of my favorite pantos, Tickle.

The thread we used is a light mushroom So Fine thread. I don't generally like to use too dark of a thread on a light background. The dark green border really ties the quilt together nicely and a real ivory thread popped out too much. I think our choices worked really well here!

Happy quilting!

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Fall Batiks

I was tickled to be asked by Cindy to quilt this lovely batik piece for her. Batki's aren't generally my jam so I found myself surprised at how much I liked this quilt.

Cindy chose a simple leaf pattern ... it was a good choice as there was quite a bit going on the top. A more complicated panto would have been lost.

I used my favorite Quilter's Dream Blend batting and So Fine thread in Snow #401. This is easily my most popular go-to thread.

 I carry a few wide back cottons (108") and a selection of Shannon cuddle backings (90"). We used one of the cottons here. This is an ivory vintage postage stamp motif. It gives some nice dimension to the quilt. We tried a plain ivory but it seemed a bit bland. I love a surprise on a quilt. Some friends think "it's just the back ... no one will see it ..."  Some friends put odd colors on to "use up fabric" I disagree. I think the back should hold as much attention as the front.

Cindy is a member of my local guild and quite a few ladies were "ooing and awwing" when she showed the back. I still have half a bolt left of this backing so if you are interested in a meter or two please call.

May your seams run straight and your pins stay sharp.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Christmas in October

The holidays sneak up on most of us, however, quilters are a different story! We need weeks and sometimes months to get our creations together. I know I have spent many a Christmas eve stitching the last bits on a binding or wrapping in a fury in the middle of the night. 

Moira created this elegant modern Christmas quilt and I love it. It is constructed with very non-traditional colors in grey and mustard. I have a thing for mustard and was drooling when she dropped it off.

I used a Sew Fine thread in Snow on top and bottom.  I carry a number of spools and cones in Sew Fine for sale. I am looking at getting out of the spool business as I can only get them right now from the US. There has been big jumps in duties and shipping which is making the cost of them climb in recent months. I may put in one more large order before the holidays so if you are wanting to purchase some, please call.

I used my favorite Quilter's dream blend batting. This gives some really nice body to the quilt. It doesn't tear when I roll it on like other cheaper battings and just really holds up well with time. The panto I chose is called Quirky. It is also a modern panto and gives the quilt a bit of a 50's feel. The design looks to me like glass tree ornaments.

Thanks for letting me play with your quilt Moira!

This is the progress of my own Christmas quilting. It's taking me a little longer than usual to finish up ... can you see why!

I lay it out, Darby crumples it up .. I lay it out, Darby crumples it up ... it has been the most fun game!
Sigh ...

And just as I thought the coast was clear, Casey found a perch. I hope to have this guy quilted and bound before December. Wish me luck!


Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Farm Girl Fresh

This fun quilt was made by Rae. She worked on it for some time and I'm tickled pink that she trusted me to quilt it for her! 

This quilt has such a great vintage feel. Those cherries look sweet enough to eat!

Rae used a white Fireside backing and we chose a white So Fine thread for top and bottom. The panto is Tickle Too and it works just great here!

The quilt has some intricate piecing and a combination of hand embroidery work. Rae was fairly disciplined in tackling two blocks every week.  The fabrics she chose are all 30's reproduction quilts. It's gorgeous!

What I make with my hands, I give of my heart!


Saturday, 25 August 2018

Guild Quilts

I had some fun quilting these two gems for our local quilt guild. We had a closet full of some old Moda Marble fabrics and needed to make some room for new purchases. I think we got four quilts out of our stash which is quite a haul. 

I used the bloomin' echo panto on this lighter version and it looks great. The thread is a snow colored So Fine on top and peach color on the bottom.

We were able to make two color ways with our stash. This is the black version.

I used a new panto on this one called Becket's shooting star. The backing is a lush dark grey cuddle which I donated.

Thanks for allowing me to play with the quilts ladies!

Check out our local blog here

 ~ Sheri